Our Chef will whisk you away on a tasty journey through the history of the steaks. Beginning with the German classics, through to the American and Australian highlights and then to the most tender meat in the world from Japan - you can experience the steak culture with all of your senses here!  


  • Start: 7 p.m.  

  • Price: € 195,00 per person

  • Dates 2024: 04th of May, 6th of July, 14th of September & 16th of November 

The journey through the world of steaks

The all around experience


The journey begins with the German classics that reflect the tradition and history of steak preparation in its purest form. Then cross the ocean to experience the bold, intense flavors of the American and Australian highlights that have shaped modern meat culture. Finally, reach the exquisite realms of Japan, where meat has been elevated to an art form unmatched in its tenderness. 


Create memories

With every bite, every aroma and texture, you'll experience steak culture with all your senses here at Park Plaza Trier. It's more than just a meal - it's a flavorful journey, a feast for the palate that will transport you to the hearts and souls of the countries that gave birth to these unique meat delicacies. An evening that will touch not only your taste buds, but also your soul. It's time to raise your forks, sharpen your knives and engage in an incomparable culinary experience that you will never forget.

The program for an unforgettable evening


Champagne reception: With a glass of sparkling champagne we welcome you and get you in the mood for an evening full of culinary discoveries. 


Presentation of the meat in its raw state: Our Chef will personally show you the secrets of the perfect steak. He presents different types of meat and explains their characteristics. In a small circle of max. 20 people you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions about steak preparation. 


Steak tasting: Here the highlight of the evening is waiting for you. 6 different steaks, each guest receives approx. 50g - 80g of the highest quality meat per variety. During this tasting you will get insights into the steak culture that you would not want to miss.   


A selection of light side dishes: Finely tuned side dishes, such as fresh salads and aromatic vegetable variations, complement the meat compositions and ensure a harmonious taste experience.


Do not miss this unique taste experience! Seating is limited, so we recommend early reservations. We look forward to accompanying you on this unforgettable culinary journey.

Your reservation can be made directly through a ticket office of Ticket-Regional alternatively by phone via +49 651 999 3 0 or by e-mail (please provide your credit card number).