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Facial treatments

KLAPP Facial treatment with Hyaluronic or Skin Natural Aloe Vera care with dreamlike effect (cleansing, peeling, concentrate mask, massage und finish cream)
Duration: approx. 30 min.
Price: € 59,00



KLAPP facial treatment with hyaluron, vitamins and caviar power (cleansing, peeling, concentrate mask, massage, finishing cream)
Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Price: € 89,00


KLAPP Repagen - Facial treatment with "Hyaluron Selection 7 

Cleansing, Peeling, Concentrate Mask, Massage, Finish Cream

The high-quality and effective 24H Cream offers anti-aging care at the highest level. The unique hyaluronic complex consisting of five different hyaluronic acids as well as two other active ingredients, which additionally promote the skin's own formation of hyaluronic acid, stimulates all skin layers and thus has a lasting anti-wrinkle effect. The skin's moisture depot is replenished and visibly plumps it up.
Duration: approx. 85 minutes
Price: € 129,00 


KLAPP Diamond luxury facial treatment with the Diamond series

Cleansing, Enzyme Peeling, Mask, Massage, Neck & Décolleté, Fluid, Finish Cream

The exceptional DIAMOND series offers a pleasant texture that gently cares for stressed skin and specifically counteracts premature aging. At the same time, it helps to increase skin hydration. The pleasant texture and seductive fragrance add comfort and luxury to the skin care ritual.

Duration approx. 90 minutes
Price: € 149,00 


Body treatments

KLAPP body peeling

to promote collagen formation in the connective tissue and effective against orange peel skin - perfect application after a sauna session
Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Price: € 59,00