Our Event Rooms

Please note that different combinations of the rooms are possible and are dependent upon the information regarding the number of persons, nature and extent of the respective event.

All our event rooms are on the uppermost floor. A seperate, maximum load and barrier-free lift with the following specifications is available to you for the delivery of your materials: Length:2.15m; Width: 1.00m; Height: 2.10m; Load: max. 1000kg

Wing B (Clio, Erato, Urania & Thalia) together with the "Foyer der Musen" can be opened up into one large space. Then, an approximately 440m² event area will become available.

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Room combinations

The largest conference room is a combination of Thali, Klio, Erato and Urania. This room has a capacity for a maximum of 200 participants.

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* up to age 11

Meeting & Event Operations Manager

Ms Nadine Zub


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